[tot-reputation-status auto-launch-when-not-verified=»false» ]

Customize this page to meet your needs. This is done from the wp-admin Pages menu for this title. Here are some things you might might want to leverage on this page:

  • Provide Context — Tell the user why they are there. e.g. In order to checkout you’ll need to get verified.
  • Shortcode: ‘tot-reputation-status’ — recommended and used above. inserts a text description of the users current state. If they are not yet verified adds a link to get verified.
  • Shortcode: ‘tot-wp-embed’ — (use with caution) includes a variety of widgets that allow the user to see their current status. These include buttons that could lead users away from the flow you intend. More information.
  • Auto-launch when not verified: ‘auto-launch-when-not-verified’ — search for this attribute on this pre-defined page and set to «true» to auto-launch. Be careful here — we recommend you do this only if your users are prepared for a popup to get them verified. We not auto-launching and instead setting the stage by telling them what is going to happen and then letting them click a button to get started.



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